We offer a range of group and private sessions each week in venues in Norwich and Wymondham, with a maximum of 12 participants.  We often use small equipment in our classes such as overballs, spikey balls, foam rollers and resistance bands to enhance, challenge and aid the movements.   

If you are new to Pilates, a private one-to-one session is the best way for us to assess your movement and needs and for you to discuss, in private, any particular health concerns and what you hope to achieve from Pilates. We will then recommend the best class for you, eg matwork, reformer or group work.  

We offer a range of matwork classes for different abilities and suited to your needs and experience.  Classes vary in size but include between 4 and 10 people and involve a combination of exercises, with and without resistance bands and balls to assist with stability and strength.  Clients are required to provide their own mat and equipment.  We often have a range of recommended equipment in stock or it is widely available online or in sports/fitness shops.  View our current matwork timetable here.  

Bone Health matwork classes are designed to be safe and effective for those with osteoporosis and osteopenia or anyone who wants to improve their general bone health.  They follow basic Pilates principles, with the addition of weights and resistance bands. 

Reformers are perhaps one of the most iconic pieces of Pilates equipment designed by Joseph Pilates.  Looking like a bed with a moveable ‘carriage’, they are excellent for improving muscle strength and tone, through the use of resistance springs.   Because of the specialist nature of using Reformers, we keep these classes small, with a maximum of just three clients which allows the teacher to closely monitor your technique. 

Our air-conditioned studio at St Mary’s Works, Norwich has a range of other specialist Pilates equipment including Wunda Chairs, Cadillac, PediPull, Ladder Barrel, Baby Armchair and Arcs.  Our Group Equipment sessions use the full range of these, to provide an enhanced Pilates workout and enable clients independent exercise in a supported and safe environment. Again, we restrict these classes to just 3 people.  

Our private sessions are popular with clients who are looking for bespoke support, often for a specific health condition, to aid recovery from illness or injury or because they prefer the privacy and attention offered by one-to-one sessions with a teacher.  

Booking a class 

New clients: If you would like to join any of our classes or would like to book a private session with one of our teachers, please get in touch. We like to talk to all new clients before taking a booking, to ensure that we have a full understanding of your health concerns and that the class/session you wish to attend is appropriate to your level and need.  For this reason we do not offer online booking.  If there is no availability in the class of your choice, we can add you to our waiting list and/or we are happy to recommend other local Pilates teachers. 

Existing Clients: We give existing clients priority booking for all our classes and your space is reserved on an ongoing basis until/unless you tell us otherwise.   

Covid Statement 

We are maintaining Covid safety at all classes and venues through regular sanitising, cleaning between classes and maintaining a reasonable distance between mats. All venues have good ventilation. We are currently asking all our matwork clients to bring their own equipment with them, including floor mats.  Pilates equipment is widely available at sports shops or online and we also stock some items.  If you are unsure what to buy, or would like to order something through us, please email us